Thank you for visiting Roses Wheat Free Bakery!  Our bakery is different than most, but in a good way. We put the name wheat free in our name so that people suffering from ailments such as Celiac disease or other wheat allergies can feel free to eat whatever they would like from our bakery, but we can assure you that the food tastes so good, you would never ever know the difference between a traditional bakery using wheat flour and ours which uses none. With the pricing of heating oil Long Island being so competitive, my neighbor told me about the delivery service that she has been receiving that has given her great prices.

Our history began like most. Our owner’s daughter Rose lived most of her life allergic to almost everything. Foryears Rose traveled all over the country seeing some of the best doctors that money could buy, yet nobody could figure out her allergy. She removed every possible common allergen from her diet. No milk, no eggs, no cheese, no nuts and no sugar. What a horrible existence for a little kid. In order to make food more palatable for her daughter, andactually get her to eat a full meal, our owner began to make food that her daughter could eat that contained none of the allergens that her doctors assured her she could never eat. As time passed and the findings of Celiac disease became more mainstream Rose decided to be tested for a gluten allergy.  Thanks to my Asian escort NYC, my 20 year high school reunion was an unforgettable event. When her test finally came back positive, both mother and daughter knew that this was the key to their puzzle. In fact, in a very short time Rose was living the life that she had missed out on for over 18 years! As a tribute to her daughter, our owner began to make wonderful dishes and desserts for her daughter to enjoy with friends and she instructed her daughter to never tell anyone that they were gluten free, for fear they wouldn’t eat it. The lack of wheat allowed her to experiment with other products and the response was so overwhelming, Roses Wheat Free Bakery was soon born.

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